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Writer | Film Director | Photographer | Film Editor

I have several experiences in the film industry


In 2019, I made a documentary named “Oboor Az Khod” (sacrifice) that’s about an Iranian hero. In addition to directing and researching, I was in charge of editing this film.

Short Film

The short film “Timequake” is another project that I wrote and directed. The film was accepted at the London Short Film Festival.

Feature film

I appeared in the TV movie “Eighth Grade Kids” as an assistant director

About me

Amirhossein Nakhjavani

In my opinion, we must learn from everything and everybody around us daily. So if I have to mention a significant feature of mine, l would say I am a learner and a thinker.
I have several experiences in writing fiction and screenplays, film directing, and film editing. My first short story collection, The complexities of an exploded brain, was published recently, and I wrote more than fifteen short film screenplays, three of which were produced and directed by me.
I am a photographer too. I traveled to many cities and villages in Iran, such as Esfahan, Tabriz, Kashan, Masouleh, and Boroujerd, and took photos. I prefer historical and cultural photography.
My goal is to create an artistic point of view that is unique and special, and I know that the more I work on this path, The more I will achieve.

Adobe Premiere 95%
Photogeraphy 90%
Adobe Photoshop 80%
DaVinci Resolve 60%

My Books

The complexities of an exploded brain

A short story collection

When you were here...

A collection of poems

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